Shipping & Returns Info

Sustainability & Social Responsibility

We believe we should all do what we can, no matter how big or small it may seem, to slow down the carbon footprint impact. This is what Strawberry Vintage does.

  • All our packaging, including tape, is recyclable or recycled. This includes business cards and clothing tags.
  • We provide as much detail as possible online to reduce the risk of returns. Thereby reducing transport movement.
  • We minimise warehouse collections to twice weekly. (Unless exceptional circumstance).
  • We consolidate packing where we can when multiples are bought.
  • We drop our deliveries at local drop off points to reduce vehicle movement in our local area.
  • We aim to use a supply chain with similar values.
  • If we receive non A grade garments, where we can, we re-work rather than throw away. Always highlighting this in our product description.
  • Dead stock is donated to local charities.