Do it for Love, Not for Money!

Not all money earned is the same

What on earth is she going on about? I hear you ask! 

Well, I mean that one persons £2000 can be very different way than another persons. 


Me 8 years go.  - Living as part of a high income unit, with no real money worries as such. But living in a less than favarble environment with lots of commitments 

Me now – Has a much smaller income but works doing something I love with less commitments and i'm doing it for myself.

Now, the difference here, is that 'me now' makes a much smaller income but I am much happier. I know I've earned it myself and i'm still living within my means. But now each purchase has a thought process. Do I really need this? Or just want this? 

I don't need to be in a physically office, for my business and although my income is has decreased I now have more freedom. I can spend time with my family, run errands and look after sick children at a drop of a hat. This is something I struggled with before. 

Because my money is pretty much spoken for before I've even learnt it, I don't stress about it. As long as I cover my bills I truly don't care about big fancy cars or having a big flash family holiday. So now my cash  goes further in terms of enjoyment. I used to think nothing of spending money before because I knew there would always be more. Now my earnings is worth more in terms of real life value.

Of course  the amount of money between now and then is vastly different. But now it has a completely different meaning. 


Because I now get to spend the most valuable commodity of all, time, how I want (within reason). I can earn that money while doing what i want with my time and that’s priceless to me. 

Years ago if I was offered £2000 it would be nice, but not a massive deal. But if I was offered it today I would feel completely differently about it. I would consider it carefully. Work out the best way of using it to benefit my whole family, and not just add it to a ever growing money pot.


Bills and calculator

Its a choice that I've made

I enjoy what i do for work, It’s a choice I've made. You can choose to work full time in a big corporate company, and if you enjoy it, and if that’s right for you, then great. Its not wrong to want a big nest egg and to be serounded by materal things. Its just not for me. 

Earning my income has been difficult to get started and it really takes a lot of work. In fact, it takes a lot of work and if I don't put the hours in my business will fail. So it still has its stresses but the freedom I get makes it all worth while. 

Having a  full time job, may allow you to put aside some of your savings and invest so you can invest in the future, allowing you to build up a income  that will earn you a nice income for your retirement years. This is something I doubt I will have. Im not really worrying about that though. Should I be worried? probably! 

For me, life is about the NOW, about living with what I've got.


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