Vintage trends popping into 2020

What vintage trends are making a comeback?

2020 is the year that some of the biggest and best styles from the '60s, '70s, and '80s are making a big comeback. From crocheted tops, extra-large collars and various polka-dot pieces well will be embracing them all with open arms.

All in all, it seems like the overall goal of the next year is to have more fun with our wardrobe, and I for one welcome it.

From the 60s

We will be giving a nod to the musical festival scene with crafty knitwear and free-spirited prints.

Psychedelic florals are a classic, whilst still being feminine and cool, but for 2020, the floral print will be full of bright, vibrant colours and appear more abstract, giving outfits the groovy little twist that we all love from the sixties.

Nothing says 60's quite like a crocheted design. These tops and dresses are a great way to incorporate colour into your outfit, whether you layer them over a T-shirt, opt to show a little skin or mix with denim you will keep cool while looking super sexy with a real 60's festival vibe.

From the 70s

Groovy Denim. Flares are back,(Yay!) but that's not the only '70s denim trend that's resurfaced. We'll also be investing in a knee-length denim skirts, that will be styled with T-shirts, button-downs, and knee-high boots.

Oversized Collars are back - Happy days!, UK comedian Harry Hill will be pleased. Every so often, different collar styles are added into the mix. This year's version is long and pointy collar that will no doubt be paired with blazers and sweaters. Taking layering to the max.

Skinny ribbed shirts. A BIG YES from me! Eye-catching, fitted and flattering. This shirt style looks pretty sleek when tucked into skirts or trousers, and sometimes includes contrasting details around the collar, turning it into a bit of a statement.

From the 80s

Polka-Dots are making more comebacks than Westlife. This print may be more remembered from the 50s but it made a real come back in the 80s, and now it's back again! If you struggle with the spotty print then mix it up with some solid coloured items to help balance it out. Or if you're more daring you can mix things up by pairing it with stripes or even a animal print as a real contrast.

Forget stiff and structured clothing. Slouchy, loose and oversized is really on trend this year. And you don't have to save it for slobbing around the house. T-shirts and trainers will give a real relaxed vibe or match with heels for a sexy celeb look, that has been invading all our instagram feeds lately.

So there you go, 2020 is all about you and how you decide to integrate these returning fashions into your wardrobe.

Thanks for reading,

Courtney 🍓

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