Tips On Staying Motivated When Working From Home

Work from home they said. It will be an easy life they said. - Wrong!

Well, not entirely wrong but it certainly isn't always easy. Working from home has its own set of challenges. From lack of motivation,  juggling family life and sitting in the same four walls day in day out. 

Lets have a look at a few things us homeworkers can do to make things a little easier.. 

Picture of office space

Make and office space

The mental association you make between work and an office can make you more productive, and there's no reason that feeling should be lost when you work from home.

If you set up a small working area in a quiet area of you house it can help you in a few ways.

  • When your in that space you know your there to work 
  •  If you try and work from the sofa its easy to get distracted by the TV and other family members 
  • If you do have other people in the house and you're in your 'work space' hopefully you'll get left alone because they can see your busy 
  • Having a work area will let you spread out your work equipment if you have any. 


    Working Diary


    Structure your day

    When working from home, you're your own personal manager. So you need to manage yourself. Make yourself accountable. I keep a diary and I write down all the tasks I need to do, no matter how small. Not only does this help you keep organised and stop you forgetting things, it also feels great when you tick those jobs off.

    Don't stay at home

    This probably seems to be an odd thing to say but your home office just not motivating you? Or you're getting cabin fever, then why not try going to a coffee house or even a library. A change of scene can really help concentrate the mind and spark your creative side. Sometimes getting away from silence can help you stop feeling so isolated.

    Don't go on social media

    Turn off all your notifications on social media this will help to stop you getting distracted. You wouldn't be going on it if you were in a office, so don't do it at home. These rules should still apply.


    When you've written your tasks down, commit to them. Once you start putting off things you are on a slippery slope of either not getting work done, or having loads to do just before your deadline. Thats going to leave you stressed and flustered.

    Don't over commit to others

    I'm talking mostly about family. Its easy to get bogged down by others. Appointments and daily jobs such as shopping and housework. Treat working from home the same way you would if you were working 9-5. Make your appointments for outside your working hours or give yourself a flexible day. I always make Wednesday the day of the week for appointments and shopping, that way I can plan my week around the fact that on a Wednesday i will get less work done and I can adjust my workload accordingly.



    Have a timer system

    If you, like me can get really into one particular task and lose track of time. Set a timer. Give yourself a realistic chunk of time to get what needs doing, done. If it's not done, move onto the next thing and allocate the task to be finished at a different time.

    Take breaks

    Give yourself some time out. Have a morning and afternoon coffee break and a lunch break. Make sure you move away from your work area so you're not tempted to 'just finish' this and before you know it you have been working for an hour and your coffee is cold.  It is important to have a bit of you time, otherwise your burn out! Ive done this, and believe me its not nice!!

    Drinking coffee in the garden


    Don't save all the rubbish jobs till last

    We all have things we would rather not be doing, but sadly they need to be done. I try and do them first whilst i'm still feeling energetic because if I put them off I really, really won't want to do them at the end of a long day. 


    Don't beat yourself up

    If you don't achieve all that you set out to do, then don't beat yourself up about it. These things happen. This happens in an office too.


    Watch saying 5 O'clock


    Have a finish time and stick to it

    Set a realistic time to finish for the day and stick to it just like you would if you went out to work. You need a life outside work and family need to know you will be free from a set time to spend time with them. Nobody wants to hear 'Mummy/daddy you're always working"

    And lastly ...

    Switch off

    Once the working day is over, not only should you switch off your laptop but also your mind. Try and not carry work into your personal time because it will start to stress you out and you won't enjoy family time. In the morning when you start work again then you can devote all your mind and time to ticking off those tasks.

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