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After visiting the Mary Quant exhibition at the V&A a few weeks ago how could I not do a blog about it! After all, Quant is known by many, even those that don't really follow fashion. I of course know of her quirky designs but like most, its the colour block mini dresses and hot pants that first caught my eye. 

The miniskirt, described as one of the defining fashions of the 1960s. In the 1950s skirts started to get shorter but Mary pushed it a little further by introducing 'The mini skirt' so named after the iconic Mini Cooper car. The hemlines were getting shorter and the ladies were feeling liberated. These days we just take it for granted that we can wear what we like. For that freedom we have designers like Mary to thank. 

The thing that really caught my eye was that Mary had a fantastic simplistic feel to her clothing. Proper wearable clothing that still leaves you looking fresh and fashionable. The pinafore dress for instance is a practical dress that is comfortable and stylish and still appears in many high street shops now. 


Mary Quant dress

Colour blocking is also rife in Quant designs, and with good reason. Its a real statement. Defiantly for the bold and daring. The black and white, monochrome was one of Mary's most famous colour combos. The black and white mini dress with those big bold squares is one of the most recognisable dresses of its era and is used as a fancy dress outfit the world over.  


Mary Quant, bag, dress, makeup

It was interesting to see other areas of the Quant range, such as make up, tights and bags. Of course it makes sense to match your make up with your outfit. She was also famous for her impressively bold coloured tights. These could turn any dull outfit into a real head turning outfit. These brightly coloured hosiery garments are still being worn all over the world today. 


After my visit I did feel rather inspired. I myself have a background in dressmaking. Ive had lots of ideas kicking about for designs that I'd really like to make but I've just never made the time. So I've made a promise to myself to just go for it and make them. Maybe I'll even write a blog about it once I've done it. So watch this space. 

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