Social Media - I wish it didn't exist, but I'm glad it does.

Why I wish it didn't exist.

 Rose tinted glasses. Everyones life is perfect. Attentions seekers. Keyboard warriors. Anger. Complainers doing nothing about it.

People will say "well don't read it!" so see below 👇

I love social media, but I have had to curate my feeds to avoid procrastination and to help with my own mental wellbeing. Doing this alone has seen a massive change to my mindset.

Rant Over.

Why I'm glad it does exist.

Families can communicate, across the world and build and enhance relationships.

Social media is a very important part of our own business model, it's pre-dominantly where our customers are. We understand it can help us or or it can be against us. The world being very fickle to the needs and fashions that pass us by every second of every day. Every channel change, every time we look at our phone or computer screens we are inundated with images and words of things we've seen or thought about (I find that weird!) that day. The temptations are huge. 

To help us come to terms with the multi channel abyss of social media I have had to immerse myself in an unknown world of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Vero, Snapchat etc learning how these are used by our target consumers. At times its overwhelming, where do I start? whats the algorithm? when should I post? Are the photos of sufficient quality? Have I got the right #hashtags? How many times a day is optimum? the list goes on. For an old school yellow pages user it's a challenge 😂

Use it we must. Embrace it we must. It's here and it's only going to get more powerful for personal and business use alike. I love people interaction and we work hard to put the levels of customer service I believe we should receive into our online service, not as easy as I would of thought.

Communicating with people is quick and easy. At Strawberry Vintage we again work hard on responding to every comment on every platform as soon as we possibly can, whether it be a simple thank you or a longer worded comment. We will happily engage in conversation. If you follow our Facebook you'll see we actually instigate and demand it!😜

Social media has created huge opportunities for us all, and we for one are going to be taking more and more advantage of it. BUT we know how we like to use it so our output will reflect our own reading and watching. 

Simple Rules; No Negativity. We are all human. Opinions aren't facts.

Love your input. How do you like to use social media and which is your preferred platform?

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