Sewing at home - What it's really like!

Sitting down at home and taking some time out to enjoy a bit of sewing is something many of us do, and many wish they could. It does seem rather appealing being able to make a garment from scratch. But is it always as relaxing and rewarding as it looks? Here are my mixed thoughts about sewing for pleasure. 


Happily sewing on a sewing machine


We all start out with a new and exciting project and happily start sewing and looking forward to the finished item. However, for me it inevitably it ends in some kind of frustration. For this garment, it was the pattern, either it was badly worded (jumping from a blouse to a hooded top) Or it was my lack of pattern reading skills, either way. I got frustrated!


Annoyed woman at sewing machine


When I start out I have everything laid out to hand. Or at least I think I do but somehow I still end up forgetting things and annoyingly getting up about a 1000 times to find the things I forgot. After making 100's of garments you would of thought I'd have it nailed by now. But no!


Neat piles reading for sewing a garment


By the end of the process, I'm in a complete mess. Up to my eyes in odds and sods and bits of fabric. Not to mention the mess on the floor. 


Messy craft table


One thing that REALLY drives me insane is how EVERYTHING ends up on the floor. No matter were I put my stuff on the table it always does a runner. 


Neat pins, scissors, tape measure and quick unpick


The fact is at some point, I'm going to be searching for my missing tape measure whilst also trying to keep hold of the fabric under the needle, so it doesn't keep moving. Sooo annoying !


Messy floor after sewing


Finally... Why, why, why, does the bobbin run out when you only have a inch left to sew? How does it know that its the worst time to run out? 


Empty bobbin


But after all of that, once im all done and the garment is done. The reward is more than worth all the blood sweat and tears. 


Finished hand sewn blouse

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