Over forty with a passion for fashion? What can go wrong?


Don't Welcome Middle Age - Embrace It Your Way!

So you've hit the big '40' and now you feel like you have to tone things down in the clothing department, right?... Wrong!  Just because you've reached a big mile stone it doesn't mean you have to just curl up and accept middle age with a welcoming hand. After all life begins at forty, or so they say. 

reaching hand

I'm 'over the hill'. Have I changed my style? Nope. In fact I've embraced it and ran with it. When I was a child I used to see all these mums in their frumpy outfits and big 'cover me up' coats going about the daily grind and wonder why they all looked the same? Is there some kind of mum code? That when you reach the big 4-0 your style switch turns off? Of course fashion has its part to play, back in the 80's all the rage was massive garish jumpers and straight cut jeans. Not that flattering, so I guess in some ways they were fighting a losing battle. 

These days, hitting middle age is nothing, apart from a good excuse for a party. I myself have different colours in my hair on a weekly basis and tattoos, lots of tattoos. I'm not saying rush out and get inked up, but what I do strongly believe is that age is not a barrier. You can style it out even if you're in your seventies. Ive seen some pretty cool mature ladies and gentlemen rocking it, and I think good for them. 

tattooed girl dungarees  

 What Not To do? 

You shouldn't worry about what other people think for a start. Screw them. If you want bright red hair that clashes with your favourite yellow coat, then do it. Confidence is key. If you feel good then your confidence will shine through and make you be the most beautiful person in the world. 

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