My Thoughts on Lockdown

Well this is unusual isn't it? Here we are locked down (unless you're a key worker, & if you are, Thankyou!). We have all the time in the world, a list of things to do that's accumulated over 100s of years  & guess what, none of it's getting done because I've lost my structure.

If someone had said take a few weeks off & stay in then you may have jumped at the chance. But now its forced??? Its tough right?

As a business we are still trying to run but no denying that its slowed up in sales as obviously clothing isn't a priority today. BUT remember party season will hit you like a train once the all clear is sounded, so maybe worth preparing?

For me personally, I'm isolating alone, following the rules, as I follow the expert advice, NOT Jean and John off Facebook! I can speak to my kids (they are 19 and 21!) via the wonders of technology, which I am grateful for, but it's not the same is it? They both pop by on their way from the frontline work they do at a local supermarket but talking to them from their car to my doorstep?----not a great feeling. But at least I can see them & tell them I love them.

Sitting inside the 4 walls with minimal outside activity allowed is challenging, more so for some than others. Time & days melt into one, there are no breaks. Dinner time is anytime, every job or chore is now a 'whenever', our phones and computers become our best friends. This is the new normal as I've heard it called.

It's no good feeling sorry for ourselves or looking for blame though. Shit happens. But after every storm the weather improves. In every generation there has been an event. A war or two. A plague. Weather destruction. A pandemic. Now it's our turn. 

Nobody. Nobody, from the poorest child to the most powerful adult knows what to do. It is ok to be scared. It is ok to lie on the sofa. It is ok to not know. Take those days & do them. Just don’t let them consume you.
We MUST remember to celebrate the days you; clean the house top to bottom. Read a book. Clean the car. Walk the dog. Learn a flowers name. Learn a guitar note. Phone your kids. These are the days that will get us through.
You are not alone. You are one of 7 billion people who have no idea what to do.

We have to learn, take the positive, the opportunity this gives us for personal reflection & growth, for the world's powers to step back & reassess. For Mother Nature/Universe/a higher power, whatever your belief, to re-align their plan & give the planet time to repair. 

I have made promises to myself for actions to take post covid. I will socialise more, I will say yes more, I will do the things I keep putting off. I will accept life today, not wait for tomorrow, which isn't promised! I will let go of the past. I will stop caring what others think, I will just follow my dreams and thoughts.

This is an unprecedented & very unusual time for the WORLD!!

As humans we have been given the privilege to make this planet our home. We should step back & see how we can make our & other's lives better. Where were we going wrong? Were we living our best lives? Were we being the best we could be on any given day? 

This planet we call home needs this time to rest & heal. I expect & want us all to be kinder, more grateful, full of positivity to drown out the pre-wired negativity. I'm hopeful that we have all learnt, through, solitude & confinement, that life isn't promised, our path isn't written, that we can be stopped, that life is precious for all living creatures. That nothing is permanent.

The most important thing of all is that we follow every rule from the experts & do everything we can control to get through. To enable us to visit the park, go shopping, hug our loved ones, grow businesses, shake hands & all those other things we take for granted and believe to be a right.

To do that tomorrow we MUST follow the rules today. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy, Stay in. 

Love you all 

Andy 🍓

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  • Thank you for taking the time Sue. Kind words. Hope you are all safe 🍓

  • What wonderful words Andy, I know two people who would be very proud of you, stay safe. Live life to the full.

    Sue Lee

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