'Mumpreneur' And why I'm not one!

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'An entrepreneur who also happens to be a mother'

The term Mumpreneur is a mash up of two words. Mum and entrepreneur, probably a term made up by those 'trendy' instagram users that  for some strange reason have a need to have a new slang word for everything. It basically makes a cool hashtag and is used as a marketing tool. Giving a new spin on something that has been around for a lot longer than the millennials that created this new word. Working mums is nothing new!

Some woman love this term and believe it captures exactly what they do. Multi tasking to the max, juggling family life and business, striving to make something they love give them some financial return, And that's great. I'd never think any less of anyone who wanted to embrace that title. It does have merit, but its not for me.

I  personally think the term belittles what I do. Making my business, that is the 2nd priority in my life (after family) sound like a side hustle, a hobby, something to keep me busy whilst the little darlings are at school. And believe me there are much easier (but far less rewarding) things I could be doing to keep myself occupied in those few golden hours that the kids are elsewhere. I'm not running a business for 'pocket money' I want to be financially independent for the rest of my life. I don't work this hard just so I can keep myself out of trouble. I do it because I love it. The work, the ups, the downs, I enjoy hard work. - Crazy!  In truth I don't even think of myself as an entrepreneur, even though by definition I am. 


'A person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit'

If you asked someone over thirty five what they thought a entrepreneur was, they would most likely say, a man that is running his own successful business, probably wears a suit and goes to networking functions and conferences and is pretty damn boring. If you pose the same question to the younger generation I think the reply would be vastly different. Because of social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram anyone can call themselves an entrepreneur, a mumpreneur or whatever the hell they like. These younger folk assume a entrepreneur is a guy that's made a lot of fast money, primarily by using the internet and has a lot of status symbols, such as a nice sports car, a flashy watch, a sharp suit, travels first class, and lets not forget the eye candy that's hanging poutily off his arm. Why do they think this? Because social media wants them too, and why wouldn't they? They know no different. 


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So what do I call myself?

That's easy, I'm a business woman. The fact that I happen to have children has nothing to do with it. I'm a bloody hard working woman who wants to make something I believe in work, and I'm prepared to put the hours in. Lots and lots of hours.  News flash! Business men have kids too, does that label them in the work place? - Nope!  Do we hear dadprenuer in the same way? I think not. Lots of fathers who have children also work really hard. Ok, I take on the point that it's mostly the mum that takes on the role of the main carer, doing school runs, sports clubs, doctors appointments and so on. So what, that just means we have to have good time management skills. I don't work 9-5 in the traditional sense, I work pretty much from when I get up till when I go to sleep. I am a mum AND a business woman, end off. 

It takes guts

Would it be easier for me to work full time in a supermarket or doing admin in a office. Hell yeah it would! Would I be happy? No! I, would be bored shitless. I feel lucky doing what I do. WHY? because work takes up over half your life, if you can enjoy that, feel energised and fulfilled why wouldn't you do it? It takes guts to step out of the 'safe zone' to risk it all in the hope it pays off. But the rewards are so worth it. Not only is it good for me but its good for my children too. I want them to see real life, up close. How hard work, respect, job satisfaction and happiness are the things to strive for, not a flashy BMW or fancy shoes or five holidays a year. I want them to grow up knowing I worked hard, tried my best and showed them good values. Life isn't what you see in glossy pictures that you scroll past. Its hard, frustrating, you laugh you cry and at times you want to pull your hair out, but its also fun, rewarding and loving and I don't want a trendy title taking away the truth. I am a hard working woman who has kids, end of! 

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  • Hi Vicki. Thats really kind of you to comment. I know that feeling as I’ve done that too. It depends a lot on whats important, I enjoy the freedom but sometimes the instability can be hard. Love what I do though.
    Courtney 🍓

  • What a fabulous post. I work in an office doing admin and I am so bored. I really admire what you do.

    Vicki Rowland

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