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Modern Mods

The heart of British culture

In todays diverse society there are many styles and trends that have spawned from past eras. Here at The Strawberry Vintage Store we have a particular affection for the 60’s and 70’s mod era.  Mods are at the very heart of British culture and quite frankly they played a huge part in the movement that became 60s fashion.

The first mods were commonly art students or working-class teenagers in typically low paid white collar positions, often still living with their parents. The ultimate consumerist with a disposable income to spend at will, they wanted to challenge the class structure through fashion, dance and by generally having more fun than their peers.

Mod fashions and music were brought to the nations attention by tv programmes such as Ready Steady Go!, broadcast every Friday evening from a hand picked venue in London.

brit pop bands blur oasis pulp 1990s music

“New mod”

By the mid-Sixties, “mod” had become an all-purpose word used to describe the young, fresh, unconventional and stylish. Designers and bands, such as  Mary Quant, Biba, the Beatles, The Kinks, the Who ,and brands like Habitat all played a part and Carnaby Street was at the corner stone of vibrant “Swinging London” cliché. This mod era, spawned other youth movements such as punk, glam-rock, New Romantics  and later into rave. Like all good music and styles these trends have been recycled countless times, including the “mod revival” of the Brit pop phase from the likes of the Gallagher brothers with Oasis, Damon Albarn and Blur, and Paul Weller re-emerging as a solo artistic after the split of one of the biggest mod bands, The Jam. This went under the name of “new mod”

Although BritPop is kind of separate to mod it's influence seeped through. The older generation who were already into the mod scene or had been in their youth, were starting to enjoy the revival of "proper" bands that had a touch of a 60s influence about them, and the younger folk who were into these bands started to naturally name check the bands from the original mod movement. As a result the mod scene benefited from both older and younger music lovers revisiting and adding to it.

The Fred fashion

As with a lot of music trends it also goes hand in hand with fashion. This time round we started to see bands in magazines such as ‘Smash Hits’, Select, The Face and NME to name but a few.  TV had a massive part to play in the sway over fashion with the explosion of MTV and it’s consent stream of music videos to feed our love of music, along with programs like The Word and TFI Friday.

Suddenly it was super fashionable to be British and the first item in your BritPop wardrobe would have been the Fred Perry polo. The Fred Perry polo was synonymous with Britpop as well as various other music scenes including skinhead, punk and ska. “Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do girls like they’re boys’ always loved to wear their Fred Perrys. Next you would have had a  parka, or you might of invested in a Harrington jacket. I still have my Harrington and I love it!

Black skinny jeans cherry docs

When it comes to your lower half you have a bit more freedom. Many stars like Noel Gallagher favored the denim jeans while a few others leaned towards slacks. The girls were more for the skinny jeans and leggings. Shoes were where it was at, and it had to be Doc Martens. Bands such as Suede and Elastica in particular were usually seen stomping in their Docs. Noel Gallagher seemed to prefer the Adidas trainers more in-tune with UK football fashion. The everlasting dress sense has allowed boys to be boys and encouraged girls to refuse girlyness and dress more ‘laddish’ if they so wanted. Some of these young ladies then went on to start a movement of their very own - Ladettes!


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