Mapping the Destination.

When Courtney and I joined forces to start the Strawberry Vintage Store as a go getting vintage clothing company in 2018, we made a promise that the brand would reflect us. Our personalities, our images, and we would grow how we wanted to grow and really break the mould. 

As we grow our business from "little acorns.." it's been difficult not to get trapped in the norm of every day and expectation of what the world wants to see, rather than how we want it to be. This comes down to the mindset of risk taking. 

Vintage clothing has 3 elements for me. The classic vintage, pre 20years from todays dates, the retro vintage where the pin up world lives in classic designs made today and the 'wholesale' vintage, mainly purchased by younger folk and probably the most popular variance.

I break this out as I think its important and has been prominent in the decisions we have made in the 9 months so far. It keeps coming back in a lot of chats we have, do we go 'wholesale' and stock lots of sweatshirts, denim, shell suits, jeans in multi sizing, add the 'pinup'market OR do we maintain our belief in individuality, Clothing Your Personality,  stocking large collections of 1off true vintage items?

Where we have broken our mould slightly is the addition of the branded mod items. We felt this would expand our audience, whilst still maintaining a connection to true vintage and adding value to our business without diluting what we are trying to achieve. 

Our path is one of individuality.  With a different mentality to the norm and off beat pro-active actions we believe we can be the one stop business for the audience Clothing Their Personality.

Go to our collections page to join the movement. 🍓

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