Lets talk 80s make up

80s makeup is loud and crazy! But in the best possible way.

As we all know that fashion trends tend to pop back into fashion every 20-30 years. This isn't only true for clothing but for makeup too. Today the ’80s are making a comeback in a major way.

Those of us who lived through the ’80s might wish some of these trends stayed in the 80s. No one wants to relive their awkward years, even more so me. I could do without the reminders of my embarrassing makeup mistakes. However it's here as large as life and raring to go. So let's embrace it.

Thankfully makeup has come along way since the 80s so our faces won't be quite as brash as they were. Plus, we do get a chance to put our own spin on things. So it's a 'new wave' of 80s make up, if you like. See what I did there?


Everything about ’80s makeup is bold, however this look is still classic in today's instagram lead world. The fuchsia lip for instance is timeless. If you want to put the 80s edge on it you’ll need the 80s glow. For that glossy, sumptuous, wet look.


Multi-colored eyeshadow is probably the most remembered makeup look. The 'girls just wanna have fun' look was focused on bright lids, which are painted in combinations of hot pink, electric blue and fluorescent yellow, orange and green - WOW!


Sweeping your blusher brush extend it past the cheekbones into the temples. It's meant to look heavy handed, and that’s the entire point. You want bold, heavy, and in your face. If you can nail this, you won't need to do much else in terms of cheek work.


Eyeliner is definitely required, especially on the inside of the lower part of your eye, and the top of the eyelid. This was so sharp and applied in bucket loads. You need a killer flick at the end of a thick, bold line on the eye lid. Because it’s the ’80s, and everything is bold. Electric blue eye liner on the lower inner lid was also big in the 80s.


These were full and thick. So throw those tweezers away and be grateful for no more plucking.


Keep it blue or pink - Easy peasy

Oh! and do not forget your beauty spot !!! This is key. You can thank Madonna later.

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