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Just an Alternative Girl in an Ordinary World

Who am i?

Who am I? What a question! In truth I don’t really know. But what I do know is, I'm different. I am unlike the other mums on the school run and singular to a lot of those people you see going about their daily business and definitely unrecogniseable to how I was ten years ago. Heck! even two years ago I was unlike the person I am today and no doubt I will have evolved again in a few years time.

I appear unorthodox  with my ‘alternative’ look. My tattoos, ever changing hair colour and my disregard for current fashion and the fact that my ‘look’ changes daily with my mood, and frankly how much I can be arsed to put into my look on that particular day! Let’s face it, life is busy and sometimes, we just put style on the back burner. But those days make the days we put in a little more effort, feel great! 

vintage dress leather jacket coloured hair vintagetattoogal

Stepping outside the ‘fashion box’

Time honoured clothing is my ‘go to’ style, that I feel most at home with. Mixing retro and modern is what I love the most.  A nice vintage dress with a leather jacket or jeans and a out dated top are my favourite type of outfit. I am always surprised that by mixing old with new, suddenly turns that (to quote my daughter) “Granny dress I wouldn’t be seen dead in” into a “OH! where did you get that dress?” Type of outfit!

Old fashioned clothing shops are one of my favourite places to go. Even though I own my own bygone online clothing shop, The Strawberry Vintage Store, I still love nothing more than a good old dig through masses of old clothing. You never know what gems you might find. It’s the thrill of the chase. I found that the more I wore unique garments  the more my confidence grew and the bolder I got with choices. Allowing me to be true to myself, and wear whatever the hell i like. After all its me thats wearing it!

Live life being vintagey and fabulous.


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