Isn't Vintage Clothing just Old Clothing?

Why would you wear vintage?

This is a question i’m Often asked. Well, I ask you. Why wouldn't you want to? With so many positive reasons of adorning yourself in pre-loved clothing, it seems like a no brainier to me. Sure, they have been worn before, but to me that just adds character. A life story is already amongst the fibres. Maybe that dress has been through a war or its spun around on a dance floor and witness the first flourishes of romance. As a shop owner, where I can, I gather the history behind each item of clothing so I can share the past events to it's new owner and help keep the story alive.

Then of course you have quality. In the past, due to the lack of disposable income, attire was made to last. Often lovingly constructed at home, on the family Singer sewing machine, these outfits where made with great attention and care. They often evolved into different popular styles as fashion trends changed, as it was important to 'keep up with the neighbours'.

Standing the test of time is something rather lacking in todays garments. Sadly, many modern consumers tend to have a throw away ethos. Buying cheap, often poorly made off the rack items with an average lifespan of weeks rather than years


Repurposing and helping to look after the future. tailors dummy tape measure

Re-cycling and repurposing is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint and what better way to do your bit for the planet than sourcing your finery from yesteryear? It's guilt free and stylish thats a win, win in my book.

Talking of style, vintage fashion has this in bucket loads. From fitted flattering corsetry to full circle skirts or even bell bottom flares. They all have a certain calibre about them. Allowing the wearer's individuality to emerge and flourish through fashion. Back in the day, frocks where made to flatter a ladies figure, embracing curves and the female form. Unlike today. Current fashion is more about covering up and hiding away.

Dressing with personality, mixing yesterday with today.

girl vintage floral dress bag


For me, individuality is a key part of my personality. I don't really like to conform to 'the norm' I embrace different. Mixing modern and vintage as well as blending eras and trends. By merging in this way I have a much greater freedom to express myself. Not only that, this gives me the opportunity to spend my free time to hunt out my apparel. I love nothing better than to let myself get consumed in my search  for the perfect complimentary separates to add to my ever growing diverse wardrobe.

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