How to makeover your vintage garments in a few easy steps.

Being the owner of fabulous vintage garments is undoubtedly the first step to greatness. But what do you do with them once you have them? Of course some lucky people are rather adept at carrying off a head to toe vintage style with casual ease. However some of us might need a little help. So what can we do to make the minefield of getting dressed in the morning a little less irksome? 

So how do we go about selecting our new vintage wears? Bearing in mind that we want to add these to our own collection of clothing.

Heres a few easy steps, to help you on your way. 


tattooed feet on stairs


1 - Don't dismiss a 'frumpy looking' dress

You could simply add a wide set belt to drag the frumpy frock into a nipped in and flattering shape that we all love. Adding a simple accessory can make a massive difference. You could even take a selection of your favourite belts with you when you go shopping. 

2 - Layer it up 

Popping an open shirt, cardi, scarf or jacket can really give you a modern twist to your look. If you have a spaghetti strap dress then why not pop a T-shirt underneath. This will keep your modesty and keep you looking fresh and edgy. 


Sewing needles and thread

3 - Customize 

You can add patches, appliqué, beads, sequins, lace trims and all manner of quirky little adds on that you can easily purchase from any haberdashery shop. If your'e handy with the sewing machine then the possibilities are endless (I will be writing a blog on repurposing your wardrobe) 

4 - Remove

By removing shoulder pads you will instantly soften your silhouette, removing the more powerful look that the 80s strived for and giving you a more subtle shoulder line. Removing a few inches of hem can also work wonders. Showing some leg can instantly make your outfit look younger and give it some va-va-voom. Necklines and sleeve lengths can also be changed by a good seamstress for not much cost.

5 - Separate 

Buying a suit or sets gives you chance to really mix things up. You can achieve multiple looks from one outfit. Mixing jeans with a vintage jacket or wearing a vintage skirt with your favourite band Tee, a waistcoat added to your existing outfit, can look awesome. 

6 - Be smart

With so many styles from the past, you can cherry pick some key items that will work in an office environment. From pencil skirts to tea dresses, pussy bow blouses and even suits, these can all work wonderfully for work and not only will they last longer but you won't bump into the same outfit in the office. 

7 - Take it easy 

If your still unsure about the whole 'vintage thing' you could start off slowly by just adding vintage accessories, such as a necklaces or a broach then you could move onto a blouse or waistcoat  and build your new look slowly. A slower approach will also help you find what you are comfortable with and what looks good on you. 


There are no rules as long as you are comfortable, you can wear as many different eras and styles as you like. Pattern clashing is also considered normal these days, so really, anything does go. Let me know how you get on, or if you have any handy tips of your own that you'd like to share.


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