Four famous ladies that wear vintage.

Fearne Cotton wearing a vintage dress

 Fearne Cotton

Ferne is a self-confessed lover of a bargain and frequently uses the high street for shopping, she can even be seen wearing such garments at red carpet events. Cotton hasn't let her A list status stop her love of ‘off the wall’ and pre-loved fashion. With a eclectic style she often likes to mix high street dresses with pieces from her own collection at Very, along with designer bags and vintage jewellery. This allows her to achieve a edgy look. This has become her style, such as vintage leather jackets, retro rock T-shirts and lots of silver jewellery.

Lily Allen wearing vintage

Lily Allen

Lily Allen is not one to conform to trends, instead the she mixes Chanel (her favourite label) with finds from Camden Market and luxury vintage stores. Her looks range from ‘cute little girl’ to rock chick. Lily often dyes her hair to match her outfits giving her that Lily Allen look we all recognise and love.

famous girl wearing vintage

Miley Cyrus

We love Miley Cyrus for her ever-changing style, and her promotion of sustainable fashion. Miley often wears previously loved/owned clothes as its a more sustainable fashion source, and I believe she's absolutely right too. Regardless of your feelings on leathers and furs, Miley’s notion of shopping from the world of already-existing merchandise is a easier way to cut out fast fashion and over production.

Winona Ryder wearing vintage

Winona Ryder

Ryder wardrobe is reportedly made up of vintage dresses with an average cost of $10. Winona also has no problems wearing the same outfit to different red carpet events. Even though this is considered a bit of a ‘No, No’ in the world of fashion. After all, if you love your outfit why would you only wear it once?

I love the fact that the 'famous' are embracing vintage. If it's for fashion or to help the planet, it just goes to show literally anyone can rock a vintage outfit.

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