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Fashion Faux Par; Is It Really a Mistake?

Fashion is all relative.

alternative fashion dress bag lady

We’ve  all done it, worn something day in and day out because we either just loved it or because we thought we looked the bollocks in it. I have. As a child around about 9 or 10 years old, i think! I had (what i considered to be) the best trousers EVER! My mum couldn’t wash them quick enough for me as I NEEDED them everyday. Of course, looking back on my younger self i can see just how bloody awful those bright Orange trousers were. It didn’t help that i was overly tall for my age and had a very boyish body shape. To compensate for the short fall in trouser leg length I used to have my knee high white socks concertinaed down to cover my ankles. If that isn’t horrendous enough I also used to have a very short cropped tomboy hair cut. I didn’t like it but mother insisted I had it short, basically because she didn’t like long hair, my mum was a tom boy!

What a sight I looked. At the time, I loved them. Years later when I found myself stumbling across some old photos of myself donning this attire I both laughed and cried. Those little images of faux par proof have now, somehow  "magically" disappeared never to be seen again. -Thank Christ for that!

That wasn’t my only brush with bad choices, but its up there as one of the worst.

Was the mistake really a mistake?

I ask you this question for a reason. Did I really make a mistake? Sure looking back, I'm like, what the hell was I thinking? But at the time, I thought I was the dogs dangles. I was comfortable and I felt good in them, that's all that matters, right? No one else was running around in stupidly bright trousers, but did I care? Nope!

I really don't see why we all have to look the same, all conforming to someone's idea of what we should wear. In reality the word 'fashion' is just a noun for popular, latest, and a pattern of behaviour used to follow others. If you like it, wear it. But for gawd sake please refrain from getting sucked in to the world of celeb culture. They get paid (a lot) to tell us, Jo public what we will, apparently look good in. I personally couldn't give a flying fig what Kim Kardashian is or isn't wearing and more to the point I don't want to pay way over the odds just because she has endorsed that particular product. To be fair she probably didn't even get to see it. One of her staff would of okayed the endorsement on the behalf of Kim's bank balance. Famous figures are a business after all, they are their own brand.

empty space

Alternatively alternate.

Even as a child I had my own way of wearing things. Mixing and matching what I favoured that day with comfort. Nothing is worse than feeling out of sorts all day because your skirt is to floaty, you have an itchy label or as in my case, your jeans just aint quiet long enough. comfort is key!

This is a habit that has followed me to my adulthood but now I have an alleged ‘alternative style (I don't conform to the norm, therefore I'm dumped into the alternative box. This in turn means I conform to an alternative life style - confused?... Me too!) it does tend to gives me a little more freedom to get away with my misdemeanours. Lets face it, no matter what, we will all look back at our younger self and wonder what the heck was we was doing? So we all may as well just do and wear what we please. I get nothing but good comments about my strange attire and ladies tend to say to me "I wish I had your confidence" or "I love your look, I wish I could pull that off". I say, you can. If that's what you want.


It's all Gaga!

lady ga ga wearing meat dress

Look at Lady Gaga. On a scale of one to completely crazy Lady Gaga's legendary meat dress was off the scale. Made from raw meat , bacon, steak and pork chops. And lets not forget the meat purse and shoes she had to match. I know a girls gotta have matching accessories but all that raw meat, that had to stink...Right? So, how does she get away with her constant experimentation with her new images? I think she enjoys the shock factor. Her outlandish fashion sense has served as an important aspect of her character, not only does she express herself through music but she also shows the world what she is all about by the way she dresses. Yes she is a showman and in part its her job, but that level of experimental comes from within. I'm not saying we should all strut around with stuffed animals adorning our heads but what I am saying is, caring less about fitting in and more about being and wearing what the flipping heck we like is a positive. If we feel great, we work better as a human and if we make mistakes along the way, then embrace them, learn and evolve from them. Be you.


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