Go Figure - Top hacks for dressing with confidence

I literally have nothing to wear! 

woman mad nothing to wear

We have all been there, right? Screaming in your head "I literally have nothing to wear... NOTHING!" In truth your standing in front of two rammed wardrobes a chest of draws that are buckling due to the sheer weight of clothing of all shapes and sizes crammed within, and a old discarded exercise bike that has doubled up as a, not dirty but not clean dumping ground for the 'in-betweeners' you've worn over the past two weeks.
Maybe today you have a some kind of event to attend or an interview or maybe its a boozy lunch with your besties. Either way, joggers and a hoodie just aint going to cut it. So you make your way slowly to your wardrobe, and you just stand and stare. Waiting for the fashion gods to somehow make the perfect outfit leap right out at you and hit you in the face. Guess what! Nothing happens, not even a well turned out sock makes its way to you. 
In truth, you have a plentiful supply to choose from. The problem is, in fact, in your head. All your insecurities and negative thoughts have leaped to the forefront of your mind and are screwing with you. "I'm fat! My rack is to big! I have no arse!" or in my case "I hate my granny legs!"  Everything you put on, doesn't feel right and before you know it, your bedroom looks like a police crime Scene and your still in your birthday suit! Gah! 
So what can you do? To get out of the birthday suit (its freezing) and into something, well sharp? If it was me, the first thing id do, is go get a strong black coffee, but thats just me, I'm addicted! Of course there are more constructive and less caffeinated ways you can work towards your goal of looking and feeling amazeballs. 

5 Top Hacks! 

shh stop thinking


Shut the hell up!

You need to tell that negative voice in your head to "Shut the hell up and do one!" SERIOUSLY, that naggy, whingy little git of an ear worm, is no friend of yours. Put on some tunes. (You know the vibes that get you singing at the top of your lungs, like your hosting your own pop concert at the O2 and make you want to dance like your a eight year old trying to win the best dancer competition at your first school disco) Nothing beats those pesky self doubts like pumping music.

Under Construction 

Now your buzzing. Get on your best undies. Great foundations are key! Sexy underwear isn't just for birthdays and sexy time with the other half. Its a great way to give you a boost. 

Forget it!

Forget about what you think you should wear, forget what your mates might be wearing or the expectations you think others have of you. Just don't go there. In all honestly they probably don't give two hoots. They are to busy listening to the same ear worm that you have just blasted out of your own head. 

deep breath breath relax

Take a breath

Take a breath and take a look. Whats the one thing you love about yourself? Maybe its your bust, or your waist, maybe its your hair. Whatever it is - Work it! Get out that top that makes your boobs look like Phil and Grant Mitchel are having a scrap in a hammock. Pop on that skirt that makes your waist look like your secretly a Barbie doll. Make your hair as big as the 80s, do whatever makes you feel great.  If that one element is working for you, then your already winning the battle. 


Let it flow

Right, your mood is good. You best bits are looking banging. Now all that is needed is to finish off. Your on the home straight (Yay!)
Have a little look at the first garments you pulled out to wear. I can grantee you'll find something to complement what you already have on. You know what its like, when we go clothes shopping. We always end up going back to the first shop we went in and buy the very first thing we tried on, well the same principle work here. 

 Happy confident woman

Now your ready to to strut your stuff with fearless confidence. 
If you feel you could do with some more pointers to help you build on your new found confidence then look out for my up and coming blogs on dressing for your body shape and the best dress cuts for you as well as  how to help change your negative thoughts towards your own body image. 
Please do feel free to leave comments or blog ideas, I'm always happy to work with you.

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