Coffee House Ground Work

Coffee shops and organisation go cup in hand.

It used to be said that all the best thinking was done on the throne. (These days I bet the Queen is glad of the peace & quiet šŸ˜‚) I disagree, I would say the coffee house is the new thinking person's ideal pondering spot.

There is something special about sipping your choice of beverage whilst tapping away at your tablet or reading through that days 'to do' list. It's a mobile office if you will. However, this work space comes with atmosphere, the din of conversation and a rather pleasing aroma of fresh coffee. It's a half way house from home to office. Not quite the same as lounging on the sofa getting distracted by a cat singing happy birthday on facebook and yet not as formal as the office with your boss breathing down your neck. It's a happy compromise of working but not feeling like you are.

girl drinking coffee red mug

Coffee is serious business

I personally love a large mug of the strong black caffeine straight from the school run. It's almost a non alcoholic 'pat on the back'. A 'well done' for surviving the first few hours of the day, for getting the kids to school, dressed, fed and watered. All without loosing your mind. Even though, little Tommy decided his trousers that he has worn to school for the past two days are "too itchy" to wear today and his sister didn't want to sit next to her brother because he "smells funny" ... you made it!

The transition

This secret drink starts the transition from stressed mother to business entrepreneur. I tend to answer my work related social media, emails and maybe do a tweet or two. Then set about noting down any blogging ideas I might have. Once my cup is dry it's time to adult, get in my car and commute to work, so my mug of placebo energy can work its magic and get my mind moved up a gear, into full on, grown up, business woman, shop owning, responsible member of the working community.

The arrival

Fully prepped I slip into my shop ready to face what the day may bring. Turning on all the lights and checking the post and generally making sure everything is up and ready so I can greet my customers with ease and confidence.

But first ... Coffee!


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