Choosing a Denim Jacket and what to wear it with

As with all jackets, fit is the number one thing you need to get right. You don’t want a jacket to be too baggy, or too tight. A well fitting jacket should have the following qualities.

Man in denim jacket


  • Fits over the thickest top you'll likely to wear it with.
  • Can be buttoned up without it feeling tight or pulling, particularly over the back of the shoulders and under the arms. 
  • The fabric hangs down straight and doesn't bunch up.
  • Bottom hem should hit the hips. If the denim jacket is a shorter design, the bottom hem shouldn’t extend much past your belt line.
  • If the jacket is a cropped style the hem line needs to be low enough to comfortably cover your bust line.
  • Cuffs should hit a little past the wrists, but don’t go past the first knuckle of your thumbs.
  • Are you able to cross your arms and swing them about comfortably? if you find denim fabric feels too constricting (as some thicker denims can) look for a jacket made with a bit of stretchy material added to the cotton fabric, this will give you more movement without compromising the fit.

Denim jacket close up

While denim jackets are available in loads of colours, blue is the most classic. These come in a many different washes of denim and can be worn for all sorts of occasions. Most jean jackets are classed as a casual style, ones made with a dark wash will be considered slightly “dressier,” while light wash denim will be the most casual. A medium wash sits right in the middle and is your best pick for everyday use. It’s versatile, classic looking and soft.

What do I Wear With a Denim Jacket?

Denim jackets can be dressed up or down to meet the needs of just about every dress code. You could put your casual denim over a more formal under layer such as a shirt and tie (and even a waistcoat) or conversely you could have a casual dress or T shirt with a longer more formal tailored denim jacket, to really level up your outfit game.


Customised denim jacket

The list is pretty endless for what you can wear with the classic denim jacket - Here is a few examples.

  • A hoody
  • Jogging bottoms 
  • A dress 
  • A shirt and tie 
  • Turtle or cowl neck jumper 
  • Crop top
  • Flannel shirt
  • Skirt and blouse 
  • Jump suit

Lets not forget double denim. Mixing your denim jacket and jeans can look super cool, when done right. Mixing a dark and a light wash is a lot less over powering then two denims in the same style wash.

So. Give it a go and let us know how you get on!

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