Belt up for a change!

Adding a belt can totally transform your vintage dress 

Woman holding a vintage dress and belt
We all have clothes hidden away in our wardrobes just waiting to be worn again. Chances are ,if your like me, you have just got a bit bored of them. Well one way (I will go over some other tips at a later date) is to simply add a belt. Yes it really is that easy! Today i'm going to quickly show you a few different ways of using the same belt in different ways to give your dress a little va-va-voom. 
Firstly the belt im showing you here is a long denim belt that I made from some scrap fabric after taking the hem off an old denim dress. Belts and sashes are super easy to make and are a great way of repurposing scrap fabric and adding a new element to your clothing accessories. 
Vintage dress on dummy
This is a classic 80s vintage dress that makes a statement all on its own. That said, its always nice to mix it up and add some personal flair. So by adding the belt with a simple knot and letting the belt hang loose we have a whole new look.
Vintage dress with long belt
This next image shows how you can push your style a little further by tieing your belt into a oversized bow. 
Vintage dress with bow
The bow could be worn to the side or right in the middle, its all down to personal preference. I like things a little off kilter, so I'd probably opt for a hip bow. 
Next we have two variations of a basic 'tie around the waist look' This really does help to give you a real nipped in waist and is my personal favourite. 
Of course you can try this out with a variety of different style and colour belts. Whats your preferred look? 
You can find this dress, if we still have it, here
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