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The Truth About Colour Exposed.

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Im a great believer in dressing for how my mood feels. Im less of a 'fashion follower' and more of a 'How much time and effort can I be arsed with dressing today?' 'What do I feel like wearing?' 'Is it hot? or cold out?' I HATE being cold!

You could well be the same, you might not even realise you're doing it. So why do we dress the way we do? Sometimes its comfort because you're planning on slobbing around the house and not getting up to much. Or maybe you're out to impress on a first date or meeting new people for the first time so you want to look fresh and stylish. It could be that its bloody freezing outside and you want to be warm and snuggly. Conversely its roasting so you want to be cool. Whatever the reason, your mood will have a big part to play. Lord knows how difficult it is to get dressed when the "I'm not in the mood for this" feeling hits you. This normally happens when your doing something pre-planned and it has some kind of expectations attached to it. 

Get Moody With Colour

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So what does your colour choice say about you? I predominately wear black, its easy, makes you look slimmer, goes with everything and it draws the attention to my multi coloured hair and away from my body that I'm not so confident with.

But what does wearing Black say about me? Well according to those "in the know" (whoever they are?) Black is associated with power, elegance, formality, death and evil. As well as being slimming and practical.

It is also thought to be a subservient colour. Priests and Nuns are adorned in black to show that they are submissive to God. If you, like me,  are a lover of black then you might be be in tune with a few of these. Although I don't feel particularly evil or formal, I do feel comfortable. 

So lets do a brief over view of the other main colours. 

Red - A powerful colour that shows your energetic, excitable and passionate. It attracts attention and is seen to be a sexual and confidante colour. Wearing Red is a statement that you're in control, a leader and of a sexual nature. 

White - Is known to represent purity, virginity, cleanliness and safety. Wearing white can make you feel peaceful and convey a well-balanced, optimistic personality. However you will need to find a balance, as wearing too much can project coldness, isolation and make you look too clinical. 

Yellow - Beams with happiness, gives a sense of freedom, optimism and concentration.  Some shades of yellow however might suggest cowardice, such as "Yellow-bellied" or being "Yellow"  So choose your shade with care.

Brown  - Has an association with being stable and honest, practicality and commitment. Brown is an earthy colour and some will consider it, as "outdoorsy" or "horsey" even more so if its teamed up with Green and its typically associated with the season of autumn. It is also thought to stimulate your appetite by using your subliminal imagination to make you recall food, such as chocolate - MMMM! Chocolate. 

Blue  - Is an authority colour, as it shows structure, communication, dependability, trust and loyalty. However some shades of blue can project a coldness, so you want to take care when choosing your outfit and don't go overboard. 

Green - Has a suggestion of security, lushness, love, growth, luck (Four leaf clover) and balance.  As a naturally accruing colour it is also used for conservation, eco and recyling projects,. 

Some care needs to be taken when wearing green as it can invoke different feelings such as envy, "the green eyed monster" or being "green with envy". If you match green and red for instance most of us will associate it with Christmas. This is perfectly acceptable in November or December but it might be a bit much in the middle of summer.

Grey - is a more practical colour, that is timeless, cool, balanced, successful, formal and solid. Intelligence is also denominated by grey. By using terms such as "Grey matter" 

There are also a lot of less positive connotations with this colour. Like, old age "a grey head of hair" or being "old and Grey". It is also often used as a representation of depression and poor mental heath. "Feeling grey" having a lack of energy and "looking grey" and limp.

Wearing clothing towards the darker end of the Grey spectrum will keep you more into the timeless and balanced zone as you are then verging on the edge of black. 

Pink - is considered a very femine colour. Loving, and full of sexuality,  Like the colour red it is often used as a sign of love, however it is much softer, it soothes rather than stimulates.

It can be seen, by some, to be rather emasculating when worn by men. Almost a sign of weakness, if you like. This view is thankfully rather old fashioned these days and more men are embracing there 'feminine side'

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A Colourful Impression

If you are wanting to make an impression or maybe you are trying to create a new kind of zen for yourself, you may find dressing by mood and colour helpful. It might give you a boost for a job interview or help you dress for an event you're attending. Sometimes we all need a little help. 

If you do give it a go, please do let me know how you get on. I'd love to hear from you.  I will also being doing a blog on dressing for your body shape, so keep an eye out for that. 

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