Am I to old for my youth? My views on looking 'age appropriate'

Age appropriate shelf life

Have you ever been asked, what you wearing that for? What have you come as? I know I have. It's not really funny, but I just look them in the eye and simply say "I've come as myself" normally this is a pretty effective response for them to shut up. My look has been considered by few as a little 'out there' and even inappropriate for a woman of my age, but in the grand scheme of things I'm hardly as flamboyant as some. To be truthful, I wish I had the emotional ability to be  more adventurous, but hidden away there is still that little part of me that doesn't want to push my luck and be laughed at. I certainly don't want to give a reason for encouragement of others to make me feel ridiculous. So I dull down my 'alternative' style to a level that works for me. Allowing me the freedom to express myself without standing out to much and at the same time (in my mind) not totally humiliating my kids.

My daughter once described my appearance as soft goth with a vintage twist. If I needed to put a label on myself, I guess she isn't far wrong. On a rare occasion when I dress down (normally when I'm unwell) I feel too ordinary and that makes me feel uncomfortable. 'Normal' just isn't me I'm afraid. 

So should we bow down to the pressure, to fit into some kinda normal mum bracket? and when does our style from our youth become to young for us? Or do we get to old for it? I'm not sure. Many men and women do break free from convention and become a stand alone style figure. Not giving into others and frankly not giving a stuff what people think. After all, the world would be full of clones if we all looked and acted the same.  

 Let's take a brief look at some those that have braved the stares, pointing and sniggers over the past few years. 

David Bowie




Rock 'n' roll is no stranger to the rebellious,  in the case of David Bowie — whether in Ziggy Stardust–era glam or as the druggy skeleton of his '70s funk period he always has a defiant look that was part of a much bigger identity.

Bowie's career can be defined by his unique style a kinda masculine and feminine look all at the same time. A style that Lady Ga Ga seems to be adopting.  Bowie could be seen going around in spandex and makeup to gracing the red carpet head-to-toe in a crisp suit.

In many ways, Bowie's looks were the nature of forward fashion.  Always at odds with the normal and pushing into the realms of crazy.




 There are performers, and then there is Madonna. She burst onto the music scene in the 80s,  After struggling for years to make it as a dancer, singer and model in New York City, Madonna finally got her big break when she was invited to sing "Holiday" on Dick Clark's American Bandstand in 1984. Appearing in a torn black tee, a black skirt over leggings, with a whole lot of accessories, her debut outfit made her immediately striking and showed the world she was full of wild spirit.

Madonna never ceased to amaze, nor has she ever lost her ability to regenerate and evolve her look. From bridal gowns to cone bras and from sexy menswear to nudity. She has now stepped up her role in fashion by teaming up with 14-year-old daughter Lourdes to create Material Girl, a juniors fashion line. Now a new generation of girls get a chance to gush over the Queen of Pop's style and can  copy her style for many years to come.

Michael Jackson




From that singular glittering glove to the Thriller leather jacket and those penny loafers that gave him the ability to glide across the stage floor Jacko had it all going on.

Yes, we associate the different chapters of the King of Pop's career with the clothes he wore, but that's what's most impressive when it comes to Jackson's aesthetic. His wardrobe, though a bit wacky, it never seemed forced, it was part of the whole M.J package. Like his music, his style reflected that he was outstandingly talented and larger than life.

finger pointing up

Chins up and carry on 

None of these household names gave up on their unique style, they embraced it with great gusto and became well known for it. Obviously they probably didn't go to Tescos or do the school run in all the finery they became famous for. However they never lost sight of who they are simply because they grew older. I for one plan to be true to myself for as long as I am happy with doing so. Ultimately a glancing stare or comment from a stranger is just a moment in time that is forgotten as quickly as it happened and shouldn't be dwelled upon. Who knows maybe they secretly wish to be more like you. Age after all, is all but a number.


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