A quick guide to looking hot and keeping cool this summer!

Looking hot and keeping cool this summer 


Getting hot and bothered about what to wear this summer? Here's a  a quick heads up to dressing for the hot weather and keeping you fresh. 

woman in floral top

Floral print dresses

Dresses are the easiest and most comfortable item to pull off in the hot weather. From wraps to mini's, shift or a good ole maxi dress they are undoubtedly a statement piece that can be worn effortlessly and keep you feeling cool and looking hot. 
What is more associated with summer than flowers? And that's exactly why the  floral print remains one of the most iconic patterns, not only for summer 2019 but for all the summers to come. Floral prints have been around for as long as frocks have, and with good reason. 
Mixing a pretty vintage floral shift dress with a nice pair of sandals can really hit the spot, both casual and easy to wear. That said, a long floaty maxi can be  flattering and sexy. Layering up can works wonders for when the weather becomes cooler on the evening. Simply add a cute light weight cardi that can be tied around your waist or even a open blouse to cover your arms without adding bulk. A quick change from sandals to heels can turn your day dress into a snazzy evening outfit. 

The white shirt 

You can't go wrong with the classic, crisp, white plain shirt. Its a must for any wardrobe that will also see you right through the winter. A basic white shirt is super easy to match with any outfit, and any occasion! It’s timeless and comes in a few variants. My personal favourite is oversized and long sleeved shirt worn open with black skinny jeans and a vest top. During the day I'd wear pumps then I would change to heels and add a long necklace for a more glam evening look. 

A fitted white blouse works wonders in the office and for a more nipped in style. Lets not forget a newly revived 50s look of a shirt that ties at the waist. This cropped tie up shirt is really 'on trend' for 2019. You can just tie any shirt at the waist or you can buy one thats all ready cut with its own cute little ties. 

lady in white shirt and denim shorts


You can't fail to see the  practical side of wearing a jumpsuit. It can be found in all walks of life, from dance wear to work wear. This all in one outfit was first designed for skydivers as a safety uniform. Later in the sixties it became a high fashion garment when Yves Saint-Laurent tweaked the design and made it more feminine. Giving it a more nipped in waist and wide leg trousers.  Of course now we have many different variants on the market, Such as rompers, cropped, chic, coveralls and denim. 

A  fuss-free jumpsuit is a key outfit. No messing about, just pop it on and your done. Of course you can add a belt, open shirt or blazer if you want to take it to the next level. 

Lady in black jumpsuit

Tanks and Tees 

Of course T-shirts and tanks can be fun and easy to wear and are typically regarded as a more casual option for day wear. The beauty of this, is you don't  have to try too hard to look sexy or smart and a T-shirt works well for all body shapes. You can keep it plain, go for a vintage retro vibe or even have a witty slogan. Either way you can find one to clothe your personality. My personal favourite is a skinny fit band Tee matched with some distressed denim. 

There is no set in stone rule when it comes to T-Shirt trends. If you like the latest fad and feel comfortable wearing that type of shirt, then go for it. If you don’t think the current trend is flattering on you then you still have plenty of styles to choose from. 

Band T shirt and jeans


My conclusion to dressing for summer is remembering what the summer means to you. For me its fun times, pub gardens, watching the kids at the park and family days out. Fun and good times are reflected by my style, flirty and slouchy with an edge. Keeping true to my personality whilst being practical for daily life in the fast lane. I hope you have found a few useful tips whilst reading this. id love to hear what you like to dress in to keep stylish and cool. Please leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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